The globally renowned funghi exporter

with offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

We offer Fresh mushrooms

Straight from the grower.

We grow real mushrooms!

Since founding in 1999, Euro Mushrooms has blossomed into an globally renowned fungi exporter, with offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. However, despite this growth over the past two decades, our company’s philosophy has remained the same, and always will – to provide consumers and businesses with the finest quality mushrooms and truffles, both fresh and cultivated, at unbeatable prices.

Why choose us?

Global distribution channel

offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America

European production facility

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Sustainable, socially responsible

We practice responsible wild mushroom picking making sure not to over-harvest.

Cultivated mushroms


“Maitake” means dancing mushroom in Japanese. The mushroom is said to have gotten its name after people danced with happiness upon finding it in the wild, such are its incredible healing properties.


The word “shiitake” is derived from the Japanese words “shii,” the oak-like tree where these mushrooms first grew, and “také,” which simply means mushroom; hence, it literally means “mushrooms of the shii tree.”1

Brown Clamshell

The versatile Clamshell, also known as Hon- or Buna-Shimeji, is distinguished by its mild shellfish flavor. It’s quarter-size caps with 2 to 3 inch white stems retain a crunchy texture even after sautéing.

Oyster mushrooms

The oyster mushroom is one of the more commonly sought wild mushrooms, though it can also be cultivated on straw and other media. It has the bittersweet aroma of benzaldehyde.

Wild mushroms

Tuber Magnatum White truffle

Available from
December to March

Tuber BiancettoWhite spring truffle

Available from
January to April

Tuber Brumale Black Brumale Truffle

Available from
November to March

Tuber Melanosporum Black winter truffle

Available from
December to March